Girl Girl Sex 365



Article number: UK113776
Category(ies): Amateur, Lesbians
Specials: Original Sound, Shot in true HD (Hi-Definition)
Origin : Not specified
Run time: 114 min.
Image format: 4:3 (NTSC)
Region encoding: Code Free
Age classification: Not specified
Scenes: Not specified
Availability: Immediately deliverable
Scene 1: Alicia and Sheryl get cosy in the kitchen while preparing food for a party, and they soon begin sharing soft kisses. Overwhelmed with lust, Sheryl uses her teeth to pull down Alicia's undies, then seductively laps her hairy pussy. Alicia savours the sensation of one of Sheryl's fingers deep inside her, then two, and shuts her eyes tight as she moans to orgasm. Standing nude against the table, Sheryl revels in getting eaten out, then takes Alicia's hand, to show her just how she likes to have here clit rubbed. Alicia looks up adoringly at her friend, so they can make eye contact as she's transported with pleasure. After steamy rounds of tribbing and facesitting, the girls decide to continue having sex on an outdoor patio. With the breeze in their hair, Alicia strokes between Sheryl's legs until she reaches an intense climax. Then they light a roaring fire in the grill, and cuddle naked in its warmth.

Scene 2: Nataly leans over to fix Jenni's hair, and playfully licks her ear, which ignites their lust. The girls start making out with their hands in each other's panties, and Nataly gets Jenni naked and bends her over for hot rimming. Jenni and Nataly are thrilled to discover that they both have a foot fetish, and eagerly suck each other's toes. Incredibly aroused, they want to make each other cum with deep fingering. Nataly gets pleasured first, laying back with her legs in the air, then Jenni stands up and watches as her friend brings her to orgasm. Don't miss the dressing room set, where the girls help each other put their clothes on after the sex, and can't resist a few more giggly caresses and bum squeezes.


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