Crystal Clear Anal Training Set - Blue



Article number: UK113494
Dildo trio for anal pleasure & training!
3-piece anal training set from Crystal Clear with 3 dildos in different sizes and weights:

Small dildo: 11.9 cm total length, 10.5 cm insertion length, Ø 2.3 cm, weight 45 g.
Medium dildo: 16.7 cm total length, 15.2 cm insertion length, Ø 3.4 cm, weight 129 g.
Large dildo: 21.5 cm total length, 19.4 cm insertion length, Ø 4.4 cm, weight 276 g.

Each transparent dildo has a distinctive penis look with a sensitive glans. They are also flexible and bendable for easy insertion and optimal adaptation to the body and movements. All with a wide suction cup base that ensures safe anal handling without slipping in. The suction cup base also sticks firmly to all smooth surfaces and allows for hands-free use.



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