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Sexual Sushi
(Petra Joy - Strawberry Seductress)

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Sexual Sushi
Article number: UK8425
Category(ies): Lesbians, Oral, straight, Toys
Specials: Chapter-selection, Photobooks
Language: English
Origin : UKRun time: 30 min.Scenes: Not specified
Image format: 4:3 (PAL)Region encoding: Code FreeAge classification: no informations
Sound: Stereo
Original Title: Sexual Sushi
5 Stars
4 Stars
5 Stars
6 Stars
Award winning erotic photographer and film maker Petra Joy aka The Strawberry seductress presents her erotic masterpiece. "Sexual Sushi" features real life lovers (s)exploring each oher with passion, lust and love. No awkward dialogue or amateur actiing, just a pure, sensual, visual feast, edited to sexy music. This film was created by a woman for women and men who believe that their biggest sex organ is not between their legs but between their ears. "Sexual Sushi" feeds the mind with fresh, juicy and delicious images of intimate passion that porn junk foos fails to provide. Watch this to glimpse the real intimacy, desire and ecstasy that many people only dream about.


- Have you never watched a porn film before because you felt offended by hard-core cover shots and unflattering titles?
- Have you watched a porn film before but the faked orgasms from paid porn stars did not really hit your g-spot?
- Or have you watched too many porn films and are getting bored with the re-occurring scenarios?

If you are hungry for fresh, juicy and sexy food for thought then “Sexual Sushi” is for you. Winner of the 11th erotic award Petra Joy, aka the “Strawberry Seductress” has created a sexy, stylish and sophisticated erotic masterpiece. Art-core rather than hard-core is the Seductresses’ motto. The film features real life lovers who are “feeling it, instead of faking it”. It successfully avoids any awkward amateur acting that is common in commercial porn that offers quantity instead of quality. “Sexual Sushi” focuses on sensual images edited to sexy music and can be enjoyed without having to fast forward through the awkward bits. The six sequences feature a straight couple, a girl-on-girl scene and a two fantasy clips with various players. Says Petra Joy:

“I would like to appeal to men and women whose biggest sex organ is between their ears and not their legs. I would like to inspire you to open your mind to a sexual culture of creating rather than consuming and discover bliss that lies beyond the standard five porn positions and the ‘money shot’…”
The focus of my erotic films is female pleasure. I would like to empower the women who appear and who view my films to experience their own personal pleasures away from the stereotypes of female sexuality in mainstream porn. Most porn is done by men for men, expressing male desires. No wonder these films do not turn women on. I feel the need to create an alternative to the flood of images that reduce women to their genitals.

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