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Your data is safe!

Our sites get hosted in a high security computer centre on our own servers, that partly are tied up numerously redundant, whereas most of our competitors share their hard disk with unknown, foreign companies. We would never share our hard disk with your data on it with foreign companies, but instead prefer a safe solution which is in our customers' interest. For payment we use a safe transmission with a decoding of 128Bit that you may already know from Online-Banking.

Data Storing

For all order via the internet the data necessary to deal with your order is electronically collected and stored through a registration form when you sign in. Additional voluntarily given information make it easier for us to contact you quickly in case this should be necessary. At any time you can see, check, or change your stored data in the member-administration of the shop.
To process the payment modalities of your order, information concerning your chosen way of payment get transmitted in a coded form via a safed connection between us and the bank or its partner in order to fulfill the collection according to the due payment/service in return.
For the purpose of checking the credit and in case of a justified interest concerning payment transactions we have a data exchange with partners.
Without your consent we will not transmit or leave your data to a third. As far as the user gives his consent this is revocable with immediate effect for the future at any time.
The user agrees that S.A.G. Technology GmbH stores all personal data and information, that allow a later identification of the customer, such as IP-address, date, time and regarded sites for the purpose of clearing up misuse, or fraud in connection with the access of our servers for security measures. This is especially true for return debit note where the originator cannot be found out from the registration data.
The GeoTrust company button on our main page indicates you that our site has not been manipulated by a hacker. If you click the button, you will receive further solid information about our company from this authorised and worldwide acknowledged certifying institute.

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